''Wayne's World II'''s dream sequence -- Paramount Pictures hasn't gotten permission to use Jim Morrison's likeness in to-be-filmed scene of the movie

By Casey Davidson
September 17, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

A dream sequence in Wayne’s World II is turning into a nightmare for Paramount Pictures. In the movie, out Dec. 10, the shade of rock legend Jim Morrison, who died in 1971, advises Wayne (Mike Myers) to stage a concert called ”Waynestock” to boost his self-esteem. But the Morrison estate — controlled by the family of Pamela Courson, the rocker’s late wife, — has denied Paramount permission to use Morrison’s likeness in the scene, which has yet to be shot. Paramount has filed suit, asking the U.S. District Court in California to rule that it doesn’t need the estate’s permission to use Morrison’s name or likeness.