Song title trend: ''There It Is'' -- Suggestions for future remakes of ''Whoomp! (There It Is)'' and ''Whoot, There It Is''

By Bob Cannon
Updated September 17, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

What’s America’s latest catchprase? Judging from the Billboard charts, it’s ”there it is.” Two different R&B bands, Tag Team and 95 South, have come up with two songs at the same time with almost the same bizarre title, ”Whoomp! (There It Is)” and ”Whoot, There It Is,” respectively. We know a trend when we see one, and we’d like to be the first (well, maybe third) to jump on the bandwagon. So here are some suggested artists for other versions we’d like to see recorded:

Will! (There It Is): Burt Reynolds
Won’t! (There It Is): Loni Anderson
Whoa! (There It Is): Mr. Ed
Whack! (There It Is): Barry Bonds
Whale! (There It Is): Greenpeace
Wash! (There It Is): Your mother
Whip! (There It Is): Catwoman
Wish! (There It Is): Peter Pan
Whoops! (There It Is): Kramer
Whooo! (There It Is): Little Richard
Who? (There It Is): Conan O’Brien
Whoopi! (There It Is): Ted Danson
Warp! (There It Is): Mr. Spock
Waist! (There It Is): Richard Simmons
Wool! (There It Is): Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop
Whew! (There It Is): Michael Jackson
Wave! (There It Is): The cast of Baywatch
Weed! (There It Is): Cypress Hill
Well! (There It Is): Jack Benny
Wood! (There It Is): Pinocchio
Woof! (There It Is): Rin Tin Tin
Worry! (There It Is): Richard Lewis
Wrong! (There It Is): John McLaughlin
Why? (There It Is): Jean-Paul Sartre