''Interview With the Vampire'' casting drama -- Comic-book fans think Tom Cruise should be playing Louis, not Lestat


The clamor over casting Tom Cruise in the film version of Anne Rice‘s Interview With the Vampire continues. This time, it’s comic-book fans who are biting mad. It’s not that they don’t want the superstar to be in the film — it’s just that some say he should be playing Louis, the ”young, dark haired, planter [plantation owner],” not the fair and wily vampire Lestat. As proof they offer a cartoon serialization of the novel, published by the Innovation Corporation, in which the character of Louis is a dead ringer for you know who.

”It’s just a coincidence,” says George Broderick Jr., editor-in-chief of Innovative Publications. ”The artist is Brazilian, so I don’t think he even knows who Tom Cruise is.” Complaints are falling on deaf ears. Cruise is scheduled to begin shooting the Warner Bros. flick on Oct. 26.

Interview With the Vampire

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