Ricky Paull Goldin leaves ''Another World'' -- The actor is leaving the daytime drama for ABC's ''Street Match'' and starring on Broadway in ''Grease''

By Alan Carter
September 10, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Since he’s departing NBC’s Another World next month, here’s a brief exit interview with popular Ricky Paull Goldin, who plays lovestruck musician Dean Frame. Goldin, made it to prime time this summer as host/co-producer of the dating show Street Match. Surely you’ve caught him on spots for the Psychic Friends Network (”I was bamboozled,” he claims). *Why are you going? ”I took Dean as far as he could go. After saying ‘Jenna, I love you’ 8 million times, my brain was exhausted.” Where are you going? ”I’ll continue with Street Match — even if ABC doesn’t pick it up. And I’m starring in [the Broadway revival of] Grease.” Is it true you are going with C+C Music Factory’s Zelma Davis? ”She’s a talented lady — and I’m always turned on by talent.” Was it a Street Match? ”No, we met at a party.”