''Night Court'' alums making comebacks -- Marsha Warfield, Harry Anderson, and other actors are making appearances in ''Empty Nest,'' ''Dave's World,'' and more

John Larroquette’s face is not the only Night Court mug you’ll be witnessing this fall — his fellow cast members have also found new posts on the tube.

· Marsha Warfield, who terrorized the court as feisty, no-nonsense bailiff Roz Russell, will now terrorize Richard Mulligan as feisty, no-nonsense Dr. Maxine Douglas on NBC’s Empty Nest.

· Harry Anderson‘s Judge Harry Stone left the bench to tour with Mel Torme. But as humorist Dave Barry in CBS’ new series Dave’s World, Anderson will focus on subjects close to home.

· Charlie Robinson, who played court clerk-turned-filmmaker Mac Robinson, comes back as auto worker-turned-restauranteur Abe Johnson in CBS’ re-tooled Love & War. ”Mac was the straight man in the craziness,” Robinson says. ”Abe is part of all the craziness.”

· Like her public defender-turned-congresswoman Christine Sullivan, Markie Post also went to Washington, as writer Georgie Anne in CBS’s Hearts Afire. Slated to be a mid-season-replacement, Hearts moves to a small Southern town.

· When the villain Two-Face appears on Fox’s animated Batman, viewers can hear the voice of Richard Moll, whose bald bailiff Bull Shannon was last seen on his way to Jupiter with aliens. In the upcoming Flinstones movie, Moll shows his face as Fred’s pal Hoagie, but viewers may not recognize it. ”I have a beard and my hair is plastered down and parted in the middle,” says Moll. ”And I do the conga with Liz Taylor” — who plays Fred’s mother-in-law.