Review of baby-sitting films -- Kids give their take on ''Adventures in Baby-Sitting,'' ''Mr. Mom,'' and ''Don't Tell Mom the Baby-Sitter's Dead''

By EW Staff
Updated August 20, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Review of baby-sitting films

Before the Baby-Sitters Club had its own video series, Hollywood was making flicks about this hair-raising job. Below, real-life sitters assess their silver-screen counterparts:

Adventures in Baby-Sitting (1987, Touchstone, PG-13)
This girl is baby-sitting for three kids when a friend calls and needs a ride. So the baby-sitter puts the kids in the car and goes to the big city. On the way, she gets a flat tire and the little girl gets lost and they have lots of adventures. I’m good at knowing what to do with kids: I would have left the kids at my mother’s house. AKatie Cardus, 10, East Rockaway, N.Y.

Mr. Mom (1983, Vestron, PG)
The mom gets a job, so the dad has to stay home with the kids. The dad doesn’t understand kids — one time he lets the oldest son cook chili. Well, he burns it and the whole house fills with smoke. You just can’t let kids have that much freedom. B+Nate Clark, 13, Albany, Calif.

Don’t Tell Mom the Baby-Sitter’s Dead (1991, HBO, PG-13)
The mother goes to Australia, but the old, psycho baby-sitter dies and the mom comes home just when the daughter is having a big party. I’m the best baby-sitter — I’d never have a party while I was sitting…well, not unless the parents were totally cheap…or not real strict. AChrista Mowry, 13, Lynden, Wash.