The Muppets satirical movies -- The Muppet Meeting Films finds Jim Henson's creations working on Wall Street in videos such as ''Executive's Island'' and ''The Meeting That Would Not Die''

By Jessica Shaw
Updated August 20, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Can you tell me how to get to Wall Street? Jim Henson’s Muppets are seizing corporate America with Muppet Meeting Films, a collection of satirical short videos being used by Fortune 500 companies to break up boardroom boredom. With titles like ”Executives’ Island” and ”The Meeting That Would Not Die,” the shorts poke fun at the workplace, and are a hit with the suits. ”I swear by them,” says Flemming Scott, employee relations manager at Nabisco, adding that they’ve become the most requested items at meetings. ”Their humor is well pointed to our kind of life. We make cookies.”

But some videos, which sell for $575 for a collection of three to four sketches, border on the impudent: In ”The Big Picture,” a Muppet secretary is scolded by his boss for delegating coffee-fetching. Disheartened, the secretary hurls himself out a window. Unfazed, the inconsiderate boss shouts, ”While you’re down there, get me some doughnuts.”

”I don’t think I’d show that one,” says Greg Bugge, manager of corporate meetings for American Express. ”’Poor taste’ are the words [to describe it].” But Sandy Cattani, director of Muppet Meeting Films, says the scenario is in keeping with the Muppets’ humor. ”Muppets are known for slapstick,” she says. ”We do jump out of windows. We do blow up.”