''Heidi: The Movie'': Proposed blockbuster -- Who we'd choose to play in this tale of sex, drugs, and power-struggle

By Casey Davidson
Updated August 20, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Heidi: The Movie”: Proposed blockbuster

Talk about not touching it with the proverbial 10-foot pole. Heidi: The Movie is a sex, drugs, and power-struggle extravaganza that’ll never see the inside of a multiplex. Who’d be fool enough to green-light this expose? But this is why they invented cable. Here are the stars — so far — and who should play them in our proposed USA Network movie.

The Players

Heidi Fleiss, 27, alleged leader of prostitution ring arranging $1,500 ”dates” for the creme de la Hollywood. Credits: Doctor’s daughter, stars’ ”friend,” $1.6 million Benedict Canyon home. Status: Pleaded not guilty to charges; awaiting trial. Should be played by: Sherilyn Fenn

Victoria Sellers, 28, daughter of Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland. The Heidi Connection: Party pal, former roommate. Credits: Bared all for Playboy in 1986. Made her acting debut in the straight-to-video Warlords. Convicted in 1986 for aiding drug dealers. Violated parole in 1988. Status: Provided moral support on Heidi’s day in court. Should be played by: Drew Barrymore

Ivan Nagy, 55, beefy Hungarian-born director known for insipid TV shows and low-budget movies. Claims to be ”good friends” with Columbia Pictures’ Michael Nathanson. The Heidi Connection: Ex-boyfriend. The romance was brief, the breakup hostile. Credits: Starsky and Hutch. Status: Gave pages of Heidi’s datebook to New York Daily News. Arrested on Aug. 4 and charged with pandering. Should be played by: Ed Asner

LAPD Administrative Vice Captain Glenn Ackerman The Heidi Connection: Led investigation into Heidi’s prostitution ring. Credits: One of LA’s finest for 25 years. Status: Becoming media celebrity by hunting down madams. Should be played by: John Mahoney

Michael Nathanson, 37. As scandal broke, he was changing jobs, to vice president of Columbia Pictures following his tenure as president of worldwide production. The Heidi Connection: Said to be an acquaintance of Nagy’s, with whom he was reportedly developing a project for the studio. Credits: Survived slew of regimes at Columbia since arriving in 1986 and produced films such as Flatliners. Status: Thought to be the ”fall guy.” To assuage rumors, Nathanson issued a statement denying any relationship to Heidi. Should be played by: Charlie Sheen

Barry Josephson, executive vice president of production at Columbia Pictures. The Heidi Connection: New York Daily News printed that his name and telephone number were listed in Heidi’s notorious ”little black book.” Credits: Former personal manager to Whoopi Goldberg, Paula Abdul, and Andrew ”Dice” Clay. Former executive at Silver Pictures. Executive producer on 1991’s The Last Boy Scout. Status: Insiders say he’s the innocent victim. Should be played by: Timothy Daly

Peter Guber, 51, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Heidi Connection: Undetermined, but Sony is parent company of Columbia. Credits: Ridiculously well-paid studio chief, he and his former partner (and former Sony exec) Jon Peters are known for presiding over megahits, including Batman. Status: Ordered ”internal investigation.” Should be played by: Tommy Lee Jones

Mark Canton, 44, pint-size chairman of Columbia Pictures. The Heidi Connection: Undetermined. But his studio is rumored to have paid for Heidi’s services with development funds. Credits: Took it on the chin for Last Action Hero. Status: Holding steady. Should be played by: Jay Thomas

Shawn Hubler, 36, and James Bates, 39, L.A. Times reporters. The Heidi Connection: Broke the story that Heidi had been arrested. Credits: Have never been to the Monkey Bar. Status: Still hot on the trail; most likely to get the book deal. Should be played by: Julianne Moore and Jim Belushi

Cameos: Mick Jagger, Billy Idol, and Madame Alex
Additional reporting by Cynthia Grisolia and Pat H. Broeske