Heidi Fleiss scandal exposed -- From illegal wiretapping to an alleged murder connection, the LAPD is on a crusade to lock up more call girls

By Casey Davidson
Updated August 20, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Unraveling as we go to press…

· The Heidi Tapes Twelve hours of audiotape culled from illegal wiretaps of Fleiss’ phone lines are said to exist. What do they say? Who is named? Who made them? How can we buy them? Heidi bought a sample for a reported $6,000 and claims they’re ”faked.” Then why is she still planning to use them in her defense? Wanna bet they end up on Hard Copy?
· More Madams The LAPD vice squad seems intent on arresting all the other Hollywood madams. Who are they — and what are their studio affiliations?
· The Dead Body Is there a connection between the Heidi scandal and Laurie Dolan, the 23-year-old blond bombshell who died of a drug overdose on March 2 reportedly after partying with Heidi’s alleged recruiter Jacob ”Cookie” Orgad? The New York Post, when it’s publishing, seems to think so.
· The Deals Heidi has said she would spill her guts for $1 million; then she said she wouldn’t. Now, she’s not sure. A book publisher and Penthouse are aggressively pursuing the story. Will she sign on the dotted line? Will she do endorsements? Is there an infomercial in her future? Put money on it.