By Sasha Smith
Updated August 13, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

A former sex-crimes prosecutor for the Queens District Attorney’s office in New York City, Vachss has written a candid, impassioned, and often disturbing account of rape victims, the criminals who terrorize them, and the legal system that too often neglects them. As Sex Crimes shows, her contempt for the ”subhumans” — pedophiles, stalkers, incestuous relatives — she prosecuted during her tenure as chief of the Special Victims Bureau is nearly matched by her disgust for the crooked judges, amoral lawyers, and inept investigators who let them off all too easily. Ultimately fired for openly criticizing the DA’s office, Vachss combines the tough-talking street savvy and the suspense of great crime fiction with a deep sensitivity for her clients to chronicle the violence and corruption that are, unfortunately, all too real these days. A