By Steve Daly
Updated August 13, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Do we really need longer versions of these mediocre movies? The two titles call for two answers: (1) The 15 minutes added to Sarafina!, Darrell James Roodt’s adaptation of the antiapartheid stage musical, includes ”The Killing Song,” a dirge about police informants that asserts it’s all right to murder them. It was cut for the movie’s U.S. release, but without its gravity, Goldberg’s star turn as a rebel Soweto schoolteacher trivializes the subject. (2) This disc-only expansion of Peter Bogdanovich’s already flabby, two-hour Last Picture Show sequel, Texasville, has 24 more meandering minutes of fine actors wasted on soap-opera material about the state’s failing oil fortunes, none of which helps deepen the well one bit. B-