''Paradise Beach'' hits American cable -- The Australian soap opera stars Matt Latanzi, Megan Connolly, and Jon Bennett

By Alan Carter
Updated August 13, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Not every soap has been around forever. Here’s something new for this week’s soap snapshot: Paradise Beach, a recent import from Australia. High marks for: Three words — bods in bikinis. Plus, you don’t have to listen to the show to enjoy it. In fact, you’re probably better off without the sound. The overwrought emoting makes my head hurt. Low marks for: Insipid dialogue (in Aussie accents), such as ”It’s going to be an incredibly lonely world if you expect Mr. Right to be Mr. Perfect.” Star power: Matt Lattanzi (Cooper), known Stateside as Mr. Olivia Newton-John. Hunk/babe alert: Jon Bennett (Kirk) gives new meaning to the phrase ”hang 10.” And I find myself hoping curvy Megan Connolly (Tori) wins the Miss Paradise Beach contest. Uh-oh, maybe I’m hooked. Recommended dosage: Tape it daily, but use the fast-forward scan.