Megadeth dumped from Aerosmith tour -- The band cited ''artistic restrictions'' for its departure from the ''Get a Grip'' tour


There was no sweet emotion between Aerosmith and Megadeth once Aerosmith suddenly dumped the metal monsters as its opening act only three shows into the band’s 24-date Get a Grip tour. (Chainsaw-wielding rockers Jackyl are the replacement act.)

Although Megadeth said the split was caused by ”artistic restrictions,” Aerosmith’s official press release hinted that their openers were guilty of wimpiness: ”With Megadeth we thought we had a hard-rockin’ animal…that would lubricate the first 10 rows and get the audience ready for us,” said guitarist Joe Perry.

But a spokesman close to the band said the real problem was that Megadeth’s lead singer, Dave Mustaine, was a giant pain in the butt. ”He would piss and moan and whine,” maintained the mouthpiece. ”What he was really upset about was they (Aerosmith) weren’t hanging out with him.” Dave, Dave, Dave. Aging spandex-clad rockers don’t have time to party — gotta keep those buns tight on the StairMaster.