Eric Douglas' films -- Highlights of the actor's work in ''A Gunfight,'' ''The Flamingo Kid,'' and more

By Tim Purtell
Updated August 13, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Unlike the spawn of most stars, Michael Douglas has successfully emerged from the shadow of his famous father. Younger brother Eric, 31, hasn’t been so lucky. An actor and stand-up comedian, Eric Douglas is probably better known for recent tabloid-worthy episodes — a jail stint last year for assaulting a cop and a May comedy-club brouhaha during which he mooned the audience. Still, the lesser-known Douglas has flaunted his Method skills on screen. Some highlights:

A Gunfight
Role: Bud, son of an impoverished gunslinger (Eric’s real-life dad, Kirk). Analysis: In his first and best movie, 9-year-old Eric is natural and unaffected. Perhaps he should take a look at it.

The Flamingo Kid
Role: Donny, a valet parker at a beach club. Analysis: Swift and efficient — actually, blink and you’ll miss him. He’s on screen for approximately three seconds.

The Golden Child
Role: Scruffy member of the Golden Dragons biker gang who has a brief encounter with Eddie Murphy. Analysis: Convincingly conveys pain after Murphy slugs him. Twice.

Student Confidential
Role: Johnny, a troubled high schooler who pines to be a mechanical engineer instead of the accountant his father desires. Analysis: This lead role is excellent prep for a dinner-theater production of Hamlet.

Delta Force 3
Role: Sam, the demolitions expert on an antiterrorist team. Analysis: Overemotes while shouting, ”Don’t f—ing die on me!” to his mortally wounded buddy. Then he runs amok, sacrificing his life.