Cabbies-turned-critics -- Bucky Goldberg and Vinny Ricciotti have reviewed 60 films on Showtime since 1991

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated August 13, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

New York City cabbies rarely keep their opinions to themselves, but a pair of retired hacks has made a new career out of mouth-ing off. Bucky Goldberg, 64, and Vinny Ricciotti, 59, have reviewed 60 films on Showtime since 1991, usually holding forth at Manhattan’s Munson Diner. But this month they head to Washington State, where they try to untangle Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (”What is it with all the steam?”). Their five-minute travelogue, along with the David Lynch flick, premieres Aug. 9. We chatted up the pontificating pals back at Munson’s:

EW: How did you guys get discovered?
Vinny: We used to eat in this diner on 28th and Lexington, every day like clockwork. One day this NBC producer came in doing a story about cabdrivers and put us on the news.
Bucky: Then we did an Oprah special about friendship.
Vinny: Then Showtime called us.
EW: Has fame changed your life?
Vinny: Bucky’s got new underwear.
Bucky: I went into a store and this guy tells me that my voice is really familiar. I tell him I do a show for Showtime. He goes, ”That’s it! I’ve seen you on TV with that fat guy!”
Vinny: He hadda put that in.
EW: What have been your faves?
Vinny: Cape Fear, Betsy’s Wedding.
Bucky: The Silence of the Lambs, Sibling Rivalry, Medicine Man. Ski School I liked very much.
Vinny: Ski School had broads in it, that’s why. Just show him a picture of a girl and he’s happy.
EW: Why should people trust your opinions?
Vinny: We’re not like those other guys — Seaburt and Ebert. They talk about the directing and the writing and the producing. Who cares! What people want to know is what the picture is about. We don’t put it down or build it up.
Vinny: We’re just two normal guys.