Richard Grieco talks ''One Life to Live'' -- Following the release of ''Born to Run,'' the actor looks back on his soap opera career

By Alan Carter
Updated August 06, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

With a new Richard Grieco movie this week (Fox’s Born to Run, Aug. 2) it’s time for a set of periodic soap-alum notes. Grieco, 28, a One Life to Live grad, reminisces grumpily: Class of: 1986-87. Character: Ski instructor Rick Gardner. Majored in: Chasing babes. Minored in: Letting the babes catch him. Postgrad Work: 21 Jump Street, Booker. Reading List: ”I felt they threw me to the lions. I was given like 30 pages of dialogue my first day.” Gym Class: ”Me as a ski instructor? Very funny. I think they made it up as we went along.” Math Lesson: ”I was actually making more money as a bartender when I got cast than I was making on the soap.” Yearbook Comment: ”I spent most of my time thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’ The best thing was that it was soon over.”