A look at the actress' work since her role as Batgirl on ''Batman''


Distinguishing Features: Her body-hugging batsuit made Catwoman look almost frumpy.
Life After Cancellation: Craig, 51, has been peddling real estate in Southern California — where she lives with her husband, Ken Aldrich — since the late ’70s. She acts rarely — her last project was 1990’s straight-to-video Diggin’ Up Business. ”Acting kind of gave me up. I never made the transition from being a leading lady into playing anybody’s mommy.”
Holy Movie Review! ”I saw the first Batman movie and just loved Michael Keaton. I would have gone to Batman 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 because of him. But I could not sit through Batman Returns. It should have been called This Is the Penguin. I was so tired of seeing (Danny DeVito) waddle around in his little fat suit.”
Other Classic Sidekicks: Larry Storch as F Troop‘s Cpl. Randolph Agarn, Barbara Feldon as Get Smart‘s Agent 99, Harry Morgan as Dragnet‘s Bill Gannon, Dennis Weaver as Gunsmoke‘s Chester.