By Mark Fleischmann
Updated July 30, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Each of these two-disc sets has been remastered in the better-looking CAV format from film elements in Chaplin’s archives. Too sweetly dreamlike to survive either the ’50s tsunami of social-realist films or Red-baiting attacks against the auteur, Limelight languished in the vaults for 20 years. In the movie, Chaplin’s Indian Summer vaudevillian natters eloquently about art as he befriends 21-year-old Bloom, who lives up to her name and matches him for balletic poise.

A less somber Chaplin cavorts with kid star Coogan in The Kid and a long-suffering mutt in A Dog’s Life. Savor their reckless pace in slow-motion, and try to forget that little Jackie became television’s Uncle Fester. The bonus laser supplements, including home movies of the Chaplin studios on The Kid disc, are dispensable. A-