A look at the actor's work since his roles on ''I Dream of Jeannie'' and ''The Bob Newhart Show''

By Benjamin Svetkey
July 30, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Distinguishing Features: Loyal as a puppy dog, sweet as a lamb, and dumb as a post. ”I was the one they called in when they needed a laugh. I was the comic foil.”
Life After Cancellation: Left Hollywood in the early ’80s for Albuquerque, N.M., where he lives with his fiancee, Becky Duemler, 37, and writes and directs local theater. ”I did one too many guest spots on The Love Boat. I was making tons of money — $20,000 a week — but the shows I was doing were just awful. I was doing sitcoms like Aloha Paradise. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to get out of L.A.”
Never Say Never Again: Daily, 65, who hadn’t played Healey for 15 years, returned to Los Angeles for a 1985 Jeannie reunion, I Dream of Jeannie: Fifteen Years Later. ”That Jeannie sequel was wretched,” he sniffs. ”I have no idea how that script got approved. I’m just glad I’m not in L.A. anymore. I’m happy being here, staring at the mountains with my dog.” He also reunited with Bob Newhart this year for two episodes of Bob.
Other Classic Buddies: Anson Williams as Happy Days‘ Potsie Weber, Vivian Vance as I Love Lucy‘s Ethel Mertz, Valerie Harper as Mary Tyler Moore‘s Rhoda Morgenstern.