A look at the actress' work since her role as Nellie Oleson on ''Little House on the Prairie''

Distinguishing Feature: Naughty by nature. ”I went to work, screamed at people, broke things, acted hideous, and got paid. It was incredible. Nellie still lives — every morning before my coffee.”
Life After Cancellation: Does stand-up comedy and regional theater in L.A., where she lives alone. Arngrim, 31, is also very active in AIDS organizations.
If There Had Been AIDS on the Prairie: ”Mrs. Oleson would have worn rubber gloves and a face mask. Laura and Pa Ingalls would have opened a hospice in the barn. Doc Baker would have been working on a cure. And Miss Beadle would have taught a safe-sex class.”
Other Classic Brats: Ken Osmond as Leave It to Beaver‘s Eddie Haskell, Jeannie Russell as Dennis the Menace‘s Margaret Wade, Christopher Shea as The Odd Couple‘s kid next door.