Q&A with Pauly Shore -- The comedian discusses his thoughts on marriage, women, and his reputation

By Kate Meyers
July 23, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

He’s got way too much hair, his grammar is atrocious, and he refers to himself lovingly as ”the weasel.” Pauly Shore, 25, isn’t exactly the nice Jewish guy you’d take home to Mother. But the son of Mitzi Shore (owner of L.A.’s Comedy Store) does have a few things going for him. He has taken the persona of his TV show, Totally Different Pauly — a thrashed-looking explorer who cruises the fast lane of the hormonal highway and whose favorite word is ”mois-ture” (a condition he likes to create in women) — and created an MTV hero, a patron saint of oddballs everywhere. He’s also reaching for the same breakout film success that he had in last summer’s lowbrow hit, Encino Man. In his latest comedy, Son-in-Law, a wholesome farm gal not only brings Pauly home to meet her folks, she moves him in with the whole dang family. Though critics haven’t quite touted Son-in-Law for Oscar contention (hey, Encino Man‘s reviews were pretty lame too), Shore feels he can make the transition from Totally Different Pauly to totally big-screen idol. Definitely grindage for thought.

Why would you make a good son-in-law?
I’d give them laughter at the dinner table. I have a lot of love to give because in my real life I never had a normal family thing. After you get over the way I look — because people look at me and they go, ”There’s something wrong with him” — I’m a really nice guy.

Do you believe in marriage?
‘Course I do — if I could find someone who does what I do so I can relate to them and they could relate to me. Or if I could find someone that wants to devote all their time and energy to me, ’cause I’m a basket case. I got a lot of baggage, you know — Louis Vuitton.

You sometimes call attractive women ”nugs.” What makes a quintessential nug?
Uh, it’s not about the beauty of the nug, it’s about the nug being the nug.

You have a reputation as a prolific scorer with women.
Everybody probably thinks I sleep with a lot of women. But I had two girls call me last night that wanted to sleep with me and I didn’t want to sleep with them. I have this image and in a way it hurts me because women over 25 think that I’m just this horny little perverted guy.

Why do you think so many people over 25 don’t like you?
Because I’m a goofball, you know, and people over 25 are so intense. They’re into being intelligent and stuff.

What’s your idea of excellent entertainment?
Some of those shows on TV — the Sally Jessys, the Montels, the trash. I like them because they’re real. If I’m just kickin’ back at home I’ll turn on Hard Copy and see, like, bizarre stuff that’s pretty funny to me.

Would you ever cut your hair?
I want to. I’m just scared. It’s kind of part of my identity — and I have such a big forehead, you know?