July 23, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hot For Cool
Your double issue What is Cool (176/177, June 25) was absolutely fantastic! I’m glad to see other people haven’t underestimated James Spader’s acting ability. It’s nice to see Angela Bassett finally getting the credit she deserves, but most of all I think it was wondrous that you chose Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh as the Cool Couple. I have watched practically every movie they’ve made — apart or together. They certainly do have the film world at their feet, and I am one of their biggest fans.
Kuan-Lin Wang
Orlando, Fla.

A list for David Letterman. Here are some things that are not cool:
1. Condescension
2. Failure to acknowledge those who have, directly or indirectly, contributed to your career and opportunities for commercial and critical success.
3. Smoking cigars.
4. Being able to skim index cards with insouciance.
5. Working so hard to be cool.
6. Trying to disguise political correctness as hipness.
Ralph S. Novak
Tenafly, N.J.

I was elated to discover that the queen of country music was included on the Cool list. Emmylou Harris is the personification of Nashville’s talent, and it was high time she was acknowledged for her contribution to the industry.
Chad Sexton
Huntsville, Tenn.

As a former smoker, I believe you picked a really poor picture for the front of your Cool issue. If shortness of breath, constant coughing, and cancer are cool, then I agree with Huey Lewis — it’s hip to be square.
Janet Campbell
Washington, Mo.

Making Bond
Sharon Stone as James Bond? Wesley Snipes as James Bond? What’s next? Darryl Hannah as Indiana Jones, Luke Perry and Vanilla Ice in Boyz N the Hood 2, or maybe Cheech and Chong in Lethal Weapon IV? Someone should bring screenwriter Steven DeSouza down from Planet Hollywood and back to Planet Earth.
Mike Layman
Paulding, Ohio

Before the people at MGM start fooling too much with the 007 legend, they would do well to return to the source. Ian Fleming created a hero who was based in part on the commandos he knew during World War II and in part on real-life spy Sir William Stephenson. Fleming’s Bond is the one and only 007. Along with the Arnolds and the Slys, the world needs a hero who is suave, sophisticated, and who knows which wine to drink with the fish.
Bruce W. Harden
Tampa, Fla.

C: How They Run
A ”C” for Sleepless in Seattle? I have the feeling this is going to be another of the films like Dances With Wolves and Pretty Woman that you panned, then after they passed $100 million at the box office and collected Oscar nominations, suddenly seemed much better to you and got higher letter grades when you reviewed them on video.
Douglas Wyman
Studio City, Calif.

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