''Jurassic Park'' sequel? -- Timothy Leary, Julie Brown, Martin Ferrero, and others voice their ideas for the follow-up film

By Bronwen Hruska
July 23, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Timothy Leary, counterculture forefather, who sampled a half hour of Jurassic Park at his local cineplex: ”I’d like to see a jolly band of intelligent, independent low-budget dinosaurs trap Spielberg, Schwarzenegger, and every big studio chief in a theme park where they slowly devour them.”

Julie Brown, comedian and writer/star of Earth Girls Are Easy and Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful: ”I’d like to see anyone with a look of wonder be savagely eaten by the dinosaurs, especially Laura Dern.”

Christine Sheppard, curator of birds, Bronx Wildlife Conservation Park: ”I’d like to see a female person not act like an idiot. I like Laura Dern a lot, but they made her look like a dingdong, not a paleobotanist.”

Martin Ferrero, who played Donald Gennaro, the lawyer who becomes T. rex‘s dinner: ”In the opening minutes, John Hammond should wake up and realize it was all a dream. Then they could start from the beginning and make the movie closer to the book. Hammond would be more malevolent, less grandfatherly. In the book he has a great death. He breaks his leg and is eaten by scavengers — he dies the way an old dinosaur dies. If they do a sequel, though, they should wait at least five years so the special effects have time to improve. Otherwise you’re cheating the audience.”

J Mascis, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for Dinosaur Jr: ”Jeff Goldblum takes off his human suit and he is the Fly again. He eats the rest of the people, except for Laura Dern’s head, which he turns into a Thermos so he can sip coffee from her lips throughout the day.”

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