Hollywood outcasts -- Why Woody Allen, Kim Basinger, Spike Lee, and others are struggling for Oscar affection

By Tim Purtell
July 23, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

If it’s so well made, how come Malcolm X didn’t win lots of Oscars? Maybe Spike’s right: Hollywood hates him. If so, Lee is only the most conspicuous of a crop of directors and actors currently on the outs in Tinseltown.

His problem: The Soon-Yi scandal.
How has it hurt? Its release bumped up to cash in on the scandal, Husbands and Wives bombed.
Now what? Manhattan Murder Mystery, due Aug. 18, will tell.

Her problem: Her misbehavior on the set of 1991’s The Marrying Man caused many in Hollywood to applaud the $8.9 million Boxing Helena decision against her.
How has it hurt? Recently, she gave her best performance in the Helena court appearances — more memorable than her Cool World and Final Analysis roles.
Now what? She reportedly behaved better on the set of The Getaway, due next year.

His problem: Has he ever said a nice word about Hollywood?
How has it hurt? Malcolm X received only two Oscar nominations.
Now what? He is currently shooting Crooklyn, N.Y.

Her problem: That infamous 1978 ”Zionist hoodlums” Oscar speech.
How has it hurt? Okay, she was nominated this year for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Howards End, but she didn’t have a prayer.
Now what? Continues to be in demand, proving that she really doesn’t need Hollywood.

Her problem: She’s too ”demanding.” In other words, she is a woman in a boys’ town.
How has it hurt? She was overlooked as Best Director for The Prince of Tides, while the film got seven nominations.
Now what? She may get that Oscar yet: She plans to direct the AIDS drama The Normal Heart.