Domestic disturbance in Kurt Cobain's home -- A Seattle police report states that the fight arose when Courtney Love began arguing with the Nirvana front man over keeping firearms in the house

Are Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Seattle’s answer to Ike and Tina Turner? Don’t be silly, says Love, Cobain’s wife and the lead singer of Hole, who is denying rumors that she got the Nirvana guitarist arrested for assault.

According to a Seattle police report, the cops went to the couple’s home on June 4 and interrupted a dispute that began over his keeping firearms in the house and led to Love splashing juice in Cobain’s face. In the report Love also claimed Cobain choked her; he was arrested and spent three hours in jail before he was released. At a rare, sold-out Hole concert on June 30 in Seattle, Love cracked, ”It’s not a true story! Why is it every time we have a f—in’ beer, it’s on the f—in’ news?”

The singer blames the misunderstanding on her neighbors. ”We were just playin’ punk rock in the garage,” Love says, ”and somebody called the cops.” But Mrs. Cobain is pleased that the police confiscated her husband’s Colt AR-15, a semiautomatic assault rifle — bought after a prowler scared the couple. ”I hate that gun,” says Love. ”It reminds me of Axl (Rose).”