By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated July 16, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s 4 p.m. at New York’s Plaza Hotel-and guess who’s coming to tea? ”I always bring my own utensils,” says Mr. T, unhooking a solid-gold knife, fork, and spoon from an inch-thick gold chain dangling from his neck. ”It’s more fun to eat with gold. It’s more fun to drink with gold. Everything is more fun with gold.” The Mohawked muscle man is plugging a project that could keep him permanently in gold flatware-a new comic-book series called Mr. T and the T-Force, based on his ”pity-the-fool” A-Team tough guy. ”We’re gonna rock the comic-book establishment,” he gushes. ”My character won’t just smash up things and beat up people. He’s gonna get into the most controversial stuff-teenage pregnancy, car-jacking, child molestation, racism, AIDS.” Issue No. 1 arrived in stores last week, with an initial printing of 600,000 copies. Sure enough, it’s full of sleazy drug lords, abandoned crack babies, and gun-toting high school dropouts. But not everything in it is strictly realistic: ”My character won’t carry no guns,” says Mr. T. ”He only needs his brains to beat the bad guys.”