By Jessica Shaw
Updated July 16, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

You can stop worrying: It looks like the Ed Sullivan Theater will be ready for David Letterman’s Aug. 30 debut on CBS, but even an estimated $10 million renovation doesn’t always go as planned. Some snags: *Dave’s new work space will be a 12th- floor corner office lined with seven windows on two sides. There’s an adjoining bathroom and spare room. The office looks out over midtown, but the scenery hardly compares with the vista from Rockefeller Center. According to one construction worker, Dave visited two weeks ago and was heard grumbling about the lousy view. ”Dave’s view is beautiful,” insists CBS vice president Ed Grebow. ”We’ve heard no complaints.” *Maybe Grebow hasn’t heard from Paul Shaffer, who surely won’t be thrilled by his office. It’s next to Dave’s, but a quarter of the size and, as yet, has no windows. *When workers arrived after the July 4th break, they were greeted by a funny smell. ”There’s something dead in the basement,” said one. ”It’s probably a rat,” assured another. No joke. According to construction workers, the landmark theater will always house some rodents. As one worker explains, ”It’s New York.”