By EW Staff
Updated July 16, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘PARK’ IT HERE Many thanks for your cover story on Steven Spielberg’s astounding and sensational dino-thriller Jurassic Park ( 175, June 18). It’s a relief to find a truly entertaining summer blockbuster after the many duds of last summer. I’m very impressed with Laura Dern and Ariana Richards. It’s good to see the reemergence of strong, clever heroines of all ages. Brad Lindsey Tifton, Ga.

There is something wrong here. A film that features scenes of children being (chased by dinosaurs) and screaming and crying in obvious mortal terror is in the No. 1 spot for its opening weekend, where it’s likely to remain for some time. Jurassic Park is not a film for the whole family and should have been rated ”R.” Saadia Billman Los Angeles, Calif.

My 6-year-old does not frighten easily and he is aware that what is on the screen is simply pretend. That is why I made the decision to take him to see Jurassic Park. While I appreciate the MPAA’s ratings and advisories, I take exception to those members of the media making such blanket statements as no children under 13 should see this movie. Let’s leave that decision to the parents, who know their children best. Lori Adams Coral Springs, Fla.

Spielberg’s gratuitous smear of fat people was not lost on writer Steve Daly, and I daresay it wasn’t lost on most fat people. Most moviegoers probably didn’t notice that the fat guy was, as Daly put it, ”greedy, sloppy, and gluttonous.” They probably just took it for granted, thus fortifying a stereotype. Fat people are easy targets because they haven’t defended themselves as they should. And others who would speak out in indignation over tasteless offerings shrug this one off with ”they did it to themselves. They deserve what they get.” Many fat people didn’t do it to themselves, and no one deserves to be ridiculed for the way they look. Shame on you, Steven Spielberg, and good catch, Steve Daly. Roy Ivey San Angelo, Tex.


In response to the Love Connection story you ran, I’d like to add my two cents. Three years ago I went on Love Connection and my dates bombed, but nothing was ever made up on my tapings. Sure Love Connection wants two things: (1) a love connection and (2) divorce court. It’s called ratings. I did shove ice cream in my date’s face, and I did teach her 18-month-old son how to make obnoxious noises with his armpits, but that was because that’s who I am- not because I was on Love Connection. Andy Warhol was right-we are all famous for 15 minutes. Richie Sales Fairfield, Iowa


Your last issue proves what liberal slants the media take. In your critique on news programs, your evaluation cited a weakness of Meet the Press as ”treating unelected loudmouths Ross Perot and Rush Limbaugh as weighty thinkers.” After nearly 200 days of President Bill Clinton, I have more respect for Mr. Perot and Mr. Limbaugh than I ever will for Mr. Clinton. Lisa Padish Clinton, Ind.