By EW Staff
Updated July 16, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

No wonder they love him in France: Mickey Rourke was a little bit of an enfant terrible during the filming of the upcoming HBO Western, The Last Outlaw. A source on location at the Santa Fe, N.M., shoot says Rourke took his role as a Confederate renegade to heart and behaved rather unpredictably. To wit: *Arriving in Santa Fe with his own private posse-four Hell’s Angels, who were eventually cast as extras. *Insisting his character be a Kabuki-influenced cowboy, and hiring his own makeup man to adorn him with a Fu Manchu and eyebrows. As one high-ranking member of the production team noted, ”With his buddies around, I couldn’t even get near him to tell him to trim his sideburns.” The actor allegedly looked so ridiculous that director Geoff Murphy (Young Guns II) used his double whenever possible-though Rourke’s spokesman denies this. Rourke’s antics supposedly contributed to the movie’s going over its $5.5 million budget, but HBO is blaming the overruns on bad weather and the quest for the perfect locale. ”If there was overage,” says an HBO spokeswoman, ”it was due to the director schlepping to obscure locations to get what he wanted. We’re pleased with Rourke’s performance.”