By EW Staff
Updated July 09, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

PETER’S FRIENDS Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson (1992, HBO, R, $92.99) Schematic and forced, director Branagh’s British Big Chill brings together a few old friends at an English country house for a few days of revelations and unhappiness-and few surprises. Branagh plays a sell-out writer who has married an airhead TV star (Rita Rudner), and Thompson is a frumpy publishing type determined to make an honest man of the host, Peter (Stephen Fry), who drops a whopper on New Year’s Eve. Add a warring couple and a romance addict and her married boyfriend and what you have is an estate of fools. The film’s Hollywood mentality is the very kind it pretends to satirize. C- -Lawrence O’Toole