By Alan Carter
Updated July 09, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Professionally, Adam West has spent more time in camp situations than a summer counselor has. Best known for donning daffy mask, tights, and cape as TV’s Batman (1966-68), West, 64, camps it up again in Fox’s summer comedy series Danger Theatre (premieres July 11, 7:30-8 p.m.). Lampooning TV detectives, West plays an overzealous, bumbling ”Clouseau-like” undercover cop in Hawaii. He will also soon star with Carol Burnett in a CBS pilot for a soap opera spoof. West lives with his second wife, Marcelle, a fashion consultant, and two of their six kids (daughter Nina, 16, and son Parrin, 14) in Ketchum, Idaho, a quiet ski community. POW! You don’t live like Batman’s alter ego, millionaire Bruce Wayne. The residuals from Batman stopped long ago. For a long time I was bitter because I didn’t see much of the merchandising money. But you don’t have to have a telethon for me. I was also clobbered by typecasting. My intent was just to keep working: I did some lousy movies (like 1987’s Zombie Nightmare). I was even shot out of a cannon once (in a circus). BOFF! Was Batman for kids or adults? I loved that the show talked to both audiences. There was this sexual tension with the dialogue-”Catwoman, you give me curious stirrings in my utility belt.” It was over the kids’ heads. BAM! You once said that ABC censors used to check whether you and Burt Ward (Robin) stuffed your pants. I was kidding. But ABC did try to get me to take (penis) reduction tablets. Seriously, let’s put it this way, there were no codpieces being used. CRACK! Do you still hear from Burt Ward? He used to call me once in a while to borrow $20. (Laughs.) But truthfully, he just married one of the world’s wealthiest women (Tracy Posner). So I’m sure he won’t give me his number now. CRASH! What did you think of the Batman movies? I can see where the TV Batman and movie Batman could coexist. Can you imagine-in the next Batman film, in the final scenes, (the old Batman) comes in the old Batmobile to the new Batman’s rescue? People would stand up and cheer.