By Michele Romero
Updated June 25, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Magazines are often read on the can-now there’s one to read in the can. Jail, that is. A flip through Prison Life provides a rather arresting editorial mix of pen life. Between features (”Killing Kids Who Kill”), creative hot-pot recipes (”Cheesey Chili-Mac”), record reviews, and poetry (”They’ve cut away one pant leg/And shaved off all his hair/He looks a bit bewildered/As they strap him to the chair”), the 200,000-reader bimonthly, launched early this year, definitely captures its audience. ”We try to be positive and objective because today’s prisons graduate better criminals instead of breaking the cycle,” says publisher Joe Strahl, who once ran the commissary at Illinois’ Danville Correctional Center. Asked about his new post, he says, ”I have a great time. I was just on Geraldo talking about women abused by guards when they visit their men.” Next issue, look forward to Mike Tyson on the cover and, inside, the poetry of Charles Manson.