By EW Staff
Updated June 25, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

HANGING IN I cannot begin to tell you the jubilation I felt when my eyes saw Sylvester Stallone on your cover ( 173, June 4). I have long admired and been inspired by his movies and his life, a life in which he has constantly overcome obstacles and proven people wrong. With Cliffhanger, Sly has once again risen to the top after being written off. To me, there is only one action hero in this world, and his name is Sylvester Stallone. Daniel Flores El Paso

I was very impressed with Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger. However, I was even more impressed with his honest comments about his past films. It takes a big man to admit that some box office bombs were his own fault, and Stallone doing so was like a breath of fresh mountain air. Hang in there, Sly! Jean Paul Vaudreuil Ooltewah, Tenn.

Thanks for the enlightening article on Stallone. Everyone on the planet, including me, seems to have this impression of Sly Stallone as a punch- drunk, monosyllabic Neanderthal. However, Gregg Kilday’s article helped open my eyes to an intelligent, reflective man. Stallone needn’t worry about audiences laughing at Hot Shots! Part Deux, a parody of one of his greatest successes. The important thing is that he’s able to laugh at his own career low points and still remain in the ring. Brad Barton Chagrin Falls, Ohio


Your ”Inferno Film Festival” was hilarious-but Malanowski and Cagle forgot about Cujo! I think he would qualify as a ”dog from hell.” Keep up the good work, guys! Elizabeth M. Basinger Auburn, Wash. stage left

I was disappointed, but not really surprised, when I opened up issue 173 and found only one article even remotely related to the 47th annual Tony awards. I feel you have an obligation, as the reputable entertainment magazine you are, to bring the public information on this ever-present form of entertainment. The Oscars and the Grammys both get cover stories, and who’s to say these are any more important than the Tonys? Corey Atkins Burley, Idaho


Regarding News & Notes ( 172, May 28): First you cling to your fantasy that Geffen Records rejected an unfinished version of Aerosmith’s new album, despite being told by the band’s management and their A&R executive that this was not the case. Now you seem fixated on the idea that we rejected Nirvana’s album, again despite statements to the contrary by their management, myself, and the three band members! I fail to understand why you won’t give credence to recording artists talking about their own albums. It seems to me your interest in entertaining your readers should not excuse you from reporting the facts. Let me reiterate: Geffen Records will release whatever music Nirvana wants us to. Period. Ed Rosenblatt President, Geffen Records Los Angeles

Editor’s Note: We stand by our story.