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Updated June 18, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Turning a book into a movie almost always involves streamlining the plot and winnowing the number of characters. Adapting Jurassic Park was particularly daunting. Author Michael Crichton had imagined a cast of thousands-most of them prehistoric creatures that would have to be built from scratch. Steven Spielberg’s challenge: making sure the planned $56 million (and eventual $65 million) budget didn’t escalate into Dino’s Gate, humanizing the scientists, and declawing-slightly-the gorier moments. WARNING: This article reveals several scenes and other plot points of the book and movie versions of Jurassic Park.


Fifteen dinosaur Seven dinosaur Cost. ”We didn’t species species have an open checkbook,”says producer Kathleen Kennedy. ”We knew we wouldn’t be able to do as many dinosaurs as in the book.

Early sign of Early sign of To ensure a trouble: Escaped trouble: family-friendly Procompsognathids Caged velociraptor PG-13 rating. (a species mauls Jurassic Park Says Kennedy: eliminated from worker. ”Steven’s got the film) maul kids, and he’s Costa Rican baby. got a good . instinctual sense of to what extent kids want to be scared and at what point you’re doing stuff that’s simply horrific.”

Park owner John Scientific exposition Scientific Hammond, is provided by the dialogue isn’t paleontologist animated character, cinematic. Mr.DNA Alan Grant, and Mr. DNA. is less likely to geneticist Dr. bore kids. Henry Wu provide a crash course in scientific theory.

T. rex takes a fatal T. rex makes a meal Supporting actors bite out of of weaselly lawyer are more mathematician Ian Donald Gennaro (Martin dispensable than Malcolm (played by Ferrero). stars. Jeff Goldblum).

Hammond’s grandson, Hammond’s granddaugher, Probably out of a Tim, saves the day Lex (Ariana Richards), desire to give by getting computer saves the day by Jurassic’s female system back on line. getting computer characters a system back on line. little more to do in a story that tilts heavily toward men of action.

Hammond is nibbled Paleobotanist Ellie How else to inject to death by Sattler (Laura Dern) a few hints of scavenging is almost nibbled to romance – most of of Procompsognathids. death by the which took place flirtatious Ian Malcolm off camera between (Goldblum). Dern and Goldblum – without getting too mushy? ”It was fantastic,great,” says Goldblum of their on-screen dalliance.

Jurassic Park

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