By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated June 18, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

”It’s getting really annoying,” groans Daryl Hannah, getting really annoyed. ”I get asked about it all the time. This morning I call up my plumber, and even he asks me. Oh, brother, I’m just trying to get my pipes fixed.” She rolls her eyes. ”Why can’t people talk about something else?” Well, all right, if we can’t discuss Hannah’s rumored engagement to John F. Kennedy Jr., we’ll ask her about her latest movie, an HBO remake of the 1958 Z-grade Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, in which the Splash lass stars as an unhappy socialite (married to a sleazy social climber played by Daniel Baldwin) who grows to Godzilla-like proportions after getting zapped by a ray from an alien spaceship. ”When I first heard about the project,” Hannah says, brightening up, ”I thought no f — -ing way I’m doing this. I mean, the original movie is a classic, but it’s a classic for being so horrendous. It’s got practically no story to it. But then I read the new script ” Penned by ex-thirtysomething scribe Joseph Dougherty (who also wrote HBO’s Cast a Deadly Spell) and directed by Spi nal Tapper Christopher Guest, the new version has a decidedly feminist twist. ”The bigger she gets,” says Hannah, ”the more empowered she becomes. She learns she can stick up for herself, that she doesn’t have to be passive and demure and obedient. She learns that she deserves to be treated like a full-grown woman, because now she’s really full-grown.” The remake also pays tribute to other Eisenhower era sci-fi flicks, with references to Forbidden Planet and Tarantula sprinkled in the script. Says Dougherty, ”It’s an homage to a whole kind of American filmmaking from the ’50s-highly exploitative, made very quickly, without any studio interference. Those old movies always had a kind of raw energy to them.” You can get a taste of that raw energy on June 19, when TNT airs the original Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, starring Allison Hayes as the giant woman in the bed-sheet bikini. Hannah’s HBO remake, meanwhile, is scheduled to debut in late fall. As for wedding plans: ”No, I’m not getting married,” she says. ”Not at the moment.”