By EW Staff
Updated June 18, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

IT WAS A VERY GOOD TIP: Start spreading the news. Frank Sinatra is one generous guy. On a recent visit to his kind of town, Chicago, Ol’ Blue Eyes had a doorman call for a limo. Asked Sinatra, ”What’s the biggest tip you ever received?” Answered the doorman, ”$100.” So the Chairman of the Board rolled out the green, peeled off two $100 bills, and put them into the man’s hands. Before stepping into the limo, Sinatra asked, ”By the way, who was the guy who tipped you $100?” The doorman replied, ”You, sir.” -Cindy Pearlman SEX AND THE SINGLE PIRATE: Director Paul Verhoeven’s female-pirate flick, Mistress of the Seas, hasn’t even left the dock, but he and star Geena Davis are promising a $65 million swashbuckler with plenty of sex appeal. ”The title should really be The Sexual Adventures and Erotic Escapades of Anne Bonny,” says Verhoeven, who attended the Hollywood premiere of Cliffhanger with Davis and that film’s director (and her beau), Renny Harlin. ”Yes, sexual-with the emphasis on sexual,” adds Davis, who will train for several months and learn how to duel. ”It’s going to be all me-the swimming, the underwater stuff, the horseback riding-no doubles.” Interjects Verhoeven, ”And the kissing-lots of kissing.” It’s enough to make Bluebeard blush bright red. -Malissa Thompson

DOUBLED UP: Twentieth Century Fox is taking no chances with Bruce Willis’ next Die Hard. Last fall plans to set the second sequel on a cruise were torpedoed by Steven Seagal’s battleship thriller, Under Seige. Now, Fox and coproducer Cinergi Productions have hired two writers to pen two scenarios. In one, Willis’ John McLane tangles with villains in L.A.’s subway system; the other has him rescuing his kidnapped daughter. ”They’re just trying to lessen the risk,” says an insider. ”With two scripts, they have more material to choose from.” Who gets to pick the winning script? Why Willis, of course. That’s what stars are for. -Jeffrey Wells