By EW Staff
Updated June 18, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

VIDEOS PATRICK’S DINOSAURS and WHAT HAPPENED TO PATRICK’S DINOSAURS? (1992, MCA/ Universal, unrated, all ages) Young Patrick’s imagination runs wild at the zoo, and dinosaurs pop up everywhere. Narrated with exuberance by Martin Short, the tales are as witty as they are winsome. A -Kenneth M. Chanko MISTER ROGERS DINOSAURS and MONSTERS (1986, Playhouse/Fox, unrated, ages 2 to 8) For children scared by scenes in Jurassic Park, Mister Rogers’ soothing examination of the long-extinct beasts should be just the thing to induce sweet dreams. A- -KMC

PREHYSTERIA (1993, Moonbeam/Paramount, PG, ages 7 and up) A motherless 10- year-old boy (The Last Action Hero’s Austin O’Brien), his dad, and his tarty teen sister struggle to turn a newly hatched family of dinosaurs into pets. Smart and fun. B -KMC

THE DINOSAURS! (1992, Pacific Arts/PBS, unrated, ages 8 and up) The definitive documentary series on dinosaurs. If your child sits through all four tapes, a career in paleontology may be in the offing. B+ -KMC

MUSIC TAPES DINOSAUR ROCK Michele Valeri and Michael Stein (Caedmon, $8.95, ages 4 and up) A yodeling paleontologist brings Stella Stegosaurus and Dinah Diplodocus to life with bouncy ’50s-style songs that are packed with facts. B+ -Anne Reeks

DINOSAURS & DRAGONS Kevin Roth (Sony Kids’ Music, $8.98, ages 2 and up) Dinosaur training tunes for the Barney set. Sweet songs with lots of silliness and nary a nod to science. B -AR

DINOSAUR TRACKS The Iridium Band (Fossil Records, $10, ages 4 and up) From ”Big Bad Rex” to ”Down in the Tar Pits,” this is a serious dose of dinosaur rock. The lyrics, like ”Extinction can really spoil your day,” are zippy and inventive. A- -AR

BOOKS DINOSAURS, DINOSAURS, Byron Barton (Crowell, $7.95, ages 3 to 6) If Miro had taught preschool, his bulletin board would have looked like this. Barton makes pure magic with his colorful paintings. B+ -Susan Stewart

DINOSAUR DREAM Dennis Nolan (Macmillan, $13.95, ages 4 to 8) In a story reminiscent of the great Polar Express, Wilbur finds a lost baby apatosaurus and they time-travel to the Jurassic period. Lush illustrations add an epic dimension to their journey. A- -SS

WHAT HAPPENED TO DINOSAURS? Franklyn M. Branley; illustrated by Marc Simont (Harper Trophy paperback, $4.50, ages 5 to 9) This thoughtful book introduces the idea of scientific theory by probing various explanations for dinosaurs’ disappearance. The watercolors are haunting. A+ -Michele Landsberg

DINOTOPIA James Gurney (Turner, $29.95, ages 6 and up) A fabulous fantasy a la Robert Louis Stevenson. As a shipwrecked 19th-century scientist and his son traverse the exotic island of Dinotopia, they find an amazing culture where humans and dinosaurs live together. First rate. A -SS

TYRANNOSAURUS WAS A BEAST Jack Prelutsky; illustrated by Arnold Lobel (Mulberry Books, $14, ages 3 to 8) Poet Prelutsky takes on 14 dinosaurs, pokes some fun, and generally brings the big guys down to size. Just listen: ”Brachiosaurus was truly immense/ Its vacuous mind was uncluttered by sense.” B -SS