By EW Staff
Updated June 11, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sharon Stone, famous for taking it all off, caused quite a commotion at a pre- Sliver press junket by well, putting her clothes on. The starlet arrived at New York’s Rihga Royal Hotel nearly two hours late with an entourage of five (including hair and makeup artists) and enough luggage to make a bellhop drop. Scheduled to do 20 separate back-to-back TV interviews, she unpacked and proceeded to tailor her looks to suit each media outlet. ”It was her idea,” says Stone’s spokeswoman. ”She didn’t want viewers who were flipping channels to be bored.” Among the ways Stone met the press: *CNN With a tailored tan suit and her hair upswept, Stone could have doubled as an anchorwoman. *Entertainment Tonight In her sleeveless orange dress and her locks pulled off her forehead, she looked every inch the ’40s movie starlet. *MTV She wore a slinky scoop-neck and a ’60s ‘do that said, ”I may say I’m 35, but I can still do sex kitten.” *Good Morning America In a fluffy bathrobe, all that was missing from Stone’s look were the hair curlers. Stone did find one item suitable for every ensemble: her 44.89-carat diamond choker from Harry Winston. Did her basic instinct pay off? Despite a $12 million first weekend, Sliver was savaged by critics and is now plummeting at the box office. Perhaps she should have worn pearls.