Recent biographical bombshells -- A breakdown of some of the most sensational revelations in recent biographies on JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and others

By Sharon Isaak
June 04, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s hard to make a buck on a fair-minded portrait anymore. Biographers must trumpet the grisliest allegation — Walt Disney was an FBI informer? Wow! — or starve for attention. But will the gimmicks be all we remember in the future? Here are some of the more explosive recent revelations destined for immortality.

JFK: Restless Youth Nigel Hamilton
Memorable Accusation: The reason JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, okayed his daughter’s lobotomy may have been because he was sexually abusing her.

Eleanor Roosevelt Blanche Wiesen Cook
Memorable Accusation: The First Lady may have had a lesbian affair with Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok.

Marilyn Monroe: The Biography Donald Spoto
Memorable Accusation: Marilyn Monroe died of an enema.

Offical and Confidential Anthony Summers
Memorable Accusation: FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover paraded around hotel lobbies in dresses and lace stockings.