Pretentious band alert: Sky Cries Mary -- We tally up 10 offenses from the Seattle group

By Michele Romero
Updated June 04, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

This week we total 10 offenses in pomposity from Seattle’s ”ethereal ravesters” Sky Cries Mary, who, if they keep this up, will be hosting the Grammys next year.

1. Band name and publishing company (Hoodooh Chile) coyly suggest Hendrix tunes. (Oh, I get it, Jimi was from Seattle too.)
2. New Age-cum-psychedelic album title — ”A Return to the Inner Experience” — and songs categorized as ”transcendental positivism.”
3. Act described as ”pagan Louis XIV visual fest.”
4. Male lead singer called, simply, ”Roderick.”
5. Seattle grown, yet grunge-free. (Note heavy mousse dependency.)
6. That Bands ‘R’ Us fashion thing. (Do the B-52s and Prince know all their clothes are missing?)
7. Album artwork swiped from psychedelic Stones record Their Satanic Majesties Request. (Somebody please tell this band the ’60s are over.) 8. Band covers obscure 1967 Stones tune ”200 Light Years From Home.” (There’s a reason this tune was not a hit.)
9. Paying unsubtle homage to early Bob Dylan by wearing leopard-skin pillbox hat in publicity photo.
10. Thanking the Beatles in liner notes.