Baseball game tunes -- A sampling of the songs played at Blue Jays, Mets, and Astros games

By Meredith Berkman
Updated June 04, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

An afternoon at the ballpark used to mean endless hours of old-fangled organ music. But these days savvy teams are mixing classic rock, country, and even a few hip-hop hits to cater to their crowds. ”If the Mets are losing 12 to 0, you need something to keep the fans entertained,” says Vito Vitiello, associate producer of the scoreboard at New York’s Shea Stadium. Here’s the rock roster at three major-league ballparks.

When manager Cito Gaston approaches the mound: ”Handle with Care,” the Traveling Wilburys
Between innings: ”Start Me Up,” the Rolling Stones
When a Blue Jay hits a home run: ”Razzamanazz,” Nazareth
To pump up the crowd: ”(Tonight There’s Gonna Be a) Showdown,” ELO

When the Mets are behind: ”Hip Hop Hooray,” Naughty by Nature
When a Met hits a home run: ”Jam,” Michael Jackson
If the Mets have runners on base and the visiting team changes pitchers: ”Right Now,” Van Halen
It’s the bottom of the ninth, and the Mets are behind: ”Rock And Roll Part 2,” Gary Glitter

When the visiting team makes a pitching change: ”Achy Breaky Heart,” Billy Ray Cyrus
Between innings: ”Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” Brooks & Dunn
When the Astros call in a relief pitcher: ”Ace in the Hole,” George Strait
When a batter is hit by a pitch but isn’t injured: ”Hurts So Good,” John Mellencamp