Readers respond to "Benny & Joon," PJ Harvey, and Joan Crawford

By EW Staff
Updated May 28, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

HOT DATES Regarding the cover of your May 7 issue: The photo by Peggy Sirota was absolutely charming. I just had to read the article that went along with it (which was wonderful as well). Continue putting great photos like Peggy’s on your covers and you will have people ripping your magazines off the rack.
Sarah Krembs
Manitowish Waters, Wis.

I appreciated your article on Benny & Joon. What I appreciate more are actors like Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr., who are trying to bring back the Keaton- and Chaplin-esque style of slapstick.
Sam Denton
Salt Lake City

I was insulted by Adrian Lyne’s comment that women find it exciting to be a ”whore for a night.” That is not exciting for women, Mr. Lyne, it is exciting for men, and unfortunately it’s just another example of women being subjected to male domination for the male’s pleasure. Your movies are good, Mr. Lyne. Don’t screw it up by being a sexist boor!
Jill Dolce
Culver City, Calif.

What a delight to see my favorite romantic movie, I Know Where I’m Going!, listed as a great date movie. It recently joined Gigi, Daddy Long Legs, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and Crossing Delancey in my library of films that convince you it’s time to fall in love.
Martha Schram
San Jose, Calif.


Farm Aid VI may have been a great day out, but let’s kill the notion that farmers are deserving of our charity. How about some relief for the poor consumer who pays inflated prices for produce because of the huge subsidies the administration pays to keep inefficient operators on the land? The greedy farm lobby has its snout firmly in the trough, abetted by an inept USDA and misplaced romanticism among urban dwellers who read too much Steinbeck. If America really wants to take some initiative in the world maybe it can make some vital reforms at home.
Dean Goodman
Los Angeles


Critic David Thomas showed his complete lack of understanding for P.J. Harvey’s new album, Rid of Me. He praises the production, which is by far the weakest aspect of the album, and then he labels Ms. Harvey PC, without realizing that it is exactly what she is rebelling against. Many listeners | will undoubtedly make the same mistake, but critics are supposed to grasp the concept of irony.
Dale Wiley
St. Louis


It’s about time we heard more about one of the biggest legends in Hollywood: Joan Crawford, the subject of your Encore. Although I was only 9 when she died, she has fascinated me. She has always stayed in the spotlight, much like Madonna does today, but Joan Crawford did it for more than five decades.
Wesley Hull
Dana Point, Calif.