Is Oliver Stone becoming an actor? -- A look at some of the ''JFK'' director's little-known film roles in such films as ''The Hand,'' ''Dave,'' and more

By Bob Cannon
Updated May 21, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Oliver Stone has finally landed the role he was born to play. In both ABC’s Wild Palms and Ivan Reitman’s Dave, he appears as a TV talk-show guest named…Oliver Stone. Although the director’s acting career had humble beginnings in his own films (see below), he has no intention of playing star maker to Stone, the actor. ”I think I have a huge career ahead of me,” chortles Stone, ”if only some other director would find it.”

THE HAND (1981): A vagrant murdered by the disembodied digits of the movie’s villain.
PLATOON (1986): An Army major blown to bits by a booby-trapped Viet Cong soldier.
WALL STREET (1987): A greedy stockbroker baying for cash on the phone: ”Take it and bid it!”
BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY (1989): A TV reporter asking a colonel, ”The Viet Cong do you really think they can be weeded out?”
THE DOORS (1991): A bearded film professor who screens Jim Morrison’s avant-garde student film. ”Ah, pretty pretentious there, Jim. Not easy to follow, y’know? A little incoherent, but dancing bears, Nazism, masturbation. What’s next? What do you guys think?”