Bill Clinton's double -- Taking a cue from Kevin Kline in ''Dave,'' Clinton look-a-like Pat Rick books gigs with his familiar face

By Nisid Hajari
Updated May 14, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

So, a fortysomething businessman named Dave resembles the President so closely that he moonlights as his double. It’s ridiculous, of course: His name isn’t Dave, it’s Pat. A real-life parallel to the faux-presidential protagonist of Dave, 45-year-old medical equipment salesman Pat Rick first heard the call to duty in February 1992, as citizens around the country repeated the encouraging line, ”Gee, has anybody ever told you you look like ?” Soon afterward, the Bubba-double wannabe set up his own 800 number and blitzed celebrity look-alike agencies with his 8 x 10 glossies.

So far Rick’s misleadingly familiar face has appeared on Hard Copy and America’s Funniest Home Videos, and he will make his big-screen debut in the Julie Corman comedy Silence of the Hams. Despite his extensive travels (he has impersonated Clinton at corporate and private functions and at George Washington University), Rick retains a down-home modesty about his talents: At one birthday party for a group of ”high-visibility L.A. businessmen,” he allows, ”the stripper may have been more entertaining than I was.”

Rick’s act has expanded from 5 to approximately 15 minutes. He can now play both ”Taps” and ”Hail to the Chief” on his digital ”safe sax.” But he probably won’t be asked to fill in for the 42nd President anytime soon. Neither the Secret Service nor the White House has contacted him, which Rick shyly avers is fine by him: ”I’m afraid I would be the one who’d have the stroke if asked to be President.” Hey, no sense turning down a gig.