The 15 hottest topics for the week of May 7, 1993

By Jim Mullen
May 07, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

What the country is talking about this week…

1 Conan O’Brien
Here’s a confidence builder. He was chosen by the same empty suits who let Letterman get away in the first place.

2 Richard Simmons
He says it wasn’t sexual harassment. He was testing a new product for the Tailhook Society — Deal-a-Squeal.

3 Wild Palms
Oliver Stone loses none of his pretentious arrogance on the small screen.

4 The Night We Never Met
Three people rent one New York City apartment. A comedy of sharers.

5 Who’s the Man?
The world’s worst barbers become cops. If only it were the other way around.

6 The Coca-Cola Formula
Now you can make it at home. First, get a million gallons of carbonated water…

7 La Toya Jackson
It was horrible. She almost had to call 911 before she called her publicist.

8 Three of Hearts
A love triangle with a twist. For straight men, A Crying Shame.

9 More Whining from Tom and Roseanne
ABC put them through a living hell by making them rich and famous. And the network expects to be thanked?

10 Timothy Hutton
Playing a writer and his evil twin in The Dark Half. How come you never hear about evil triplets?

11 Dave
A look-alike becomes President of the United States. Based on the life of Gerald Ford.

12 The First 100 Days
Commentary on Clinton from the same people who told us Bush couldn’t lose after the Gulf War.

13 Sliver Publicity
Entertainment Tonight had a ”world premiere” of the movie’s trailer! We used to call them commercials.

14 Rodney Dangerfield
The phone company dropped him from its ads with a total lack of respect. Why treat him any differently than the rest of us?

15 Liz Taylor
Suing the National Enquirer, again. What did she used to do for a living?