By Ken Tucker
Updated April 30, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Joanne Woodward’s performance lifts this Hallmark Hall of Fame production above the teary-little-TV-movie level. Woodward stars as a congresswoman whose glowing upper-middle-class life is shaken when her son-in-law (Reed Diamond) is killed in a car crash, and she learns that her pregnant, now-widowed daughter (Laura Linney, of Lorenzo’s Oil) has been regularly consuming cocaine. Woodward goes through a rapid array of emotions — sorrow, anger, fear for the futures of both her daughter and her granddaughter.

You realize pretty early on that Blind Spot is going to drag you through the usual made-for-television catharses. But Woodward’s understated yet forceful acting, particularly in tandem with Fritz Weaver, playing her husband, brings to the movie an emotional impact it otherwise would never achieve. B