On-set movie accidents -- A look at some of the recent films to suffer a real-life disaster, including ''Rambo'' and ''The Twilight Zone''

By Benjamin Svetkey and Mary A. Fischer
Updated April 16, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

While safety rules have gotten stricter, Hollywood’s recent history has still been marred by disaster.

WIND A 1991 boating accident during filming of this yacht-racing drama left two stuntmen injured: One required a partial leg amputation, the other had part of his spleen removed.

THE ROCKETEER A stuntman was critically injured in 1990 when a cable dragged him headfirst into a tree for a scene depicting flight with a rocket backpack.

BIKINI ISLAND A stuntman was killed in 1990 when he landed badly on an airbag and smashed into rocks while practicing a 60-foot cliff jump in Malibu, Calif.

DELTA FORCE 2 A helicopter crash at takeoff during the 1989 filming of Chuck Norris’ action flick killed the pilot and four others.

HIRED TO KILL During the 1989 filming of this straight-to-video Oliver Reed movie, a helicopter crashed into a medieval fort on a Greek island, killing one stuntman and injuring five others.

BRADDOCK:MISSING IN ACTION III A 1987 helicopter crash into Manila Bay on this Chuck Norris movie killed four Filipino soldiers.

MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY A stuntman was killed in 1986 when his motorcycle went off a 40-foot embankment and he was gored by a sagebrush limb.

RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II While shooting in Mexico in 1984, a special-effects man on this Sly Stallone movie slipped and fell to his death over a waterfall in the jungle.

COVER UP In 1984, clowning around on the set of the CBS TV series, star Jon-Erik Hexum fatally shot himself in the head with a blank-loaded .44-caliber handgun. The force of the blast drove a skull fragment into his brain.

TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE The most notorious of all set disasters. Vic Morrow and two child actors were killed in 1982 when they were hit by a crashing helicopter.

CANNONBALL RUN A stuntwoman was paralyzed from the waist down and lost use of both hands when her car crashed in the 1980 filming of the Burt Reynolds comedy.

CATCH-22 During the 1969 shoot of this war satire, a second-unit director was killed falling out of a vintage B-25 bomber, plummeting 4,000 feet.