'Indecent Proposal' poll -- We asked: Would you ''do it'' for money?

By EW Staff
Updated April 16, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Moviedom may claim to have its finger on the pulse of America, but audiences think the premise of the new Paramount film Indecent Proposal is just that — indecent. In the movie, architect Woody Harrelson agrees to let his wife (Demi Moore) spend the night with billionaire Robert Redford for $1 million. An Entertainment Weekly poll reveals that most Americans wouldn’t ”do it” for money.

Would you sleep with (or allow your partner to sleep with) another person for a million dollars?

Yes: 7.5%
No: 79.6%
Don’t know/refused to answer: 12.9%

From a telephone poll of 504 adults conducted over the weekend of April 3-4 by the Roper Organization. Margin of error: plus or minus 7 points.

Indecent Proposal

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