''Seinfeld'' lingo -- A glossary of the NBC show's vast lexicon

By Bruce Fretts
April 09, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT
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To fully appreciate Seinfeld’s intricately woven humor, one must have command of a lexicon so complex it could make even a Trekkie’s head spin. A primer:

THE ATOMIC WEDGIE Underwear torture suffered by George in high school gym.

BABU Pakistani restaurateur befriended by Jerry, who later unwittingly got him deported.

THE BEACH Fragrance created by Kramer and stolen by Calvin Klein.

BOTTICELLI Maker of a pair of Elaine’s shoes coveted by other women.

BUBBLE BOY Surly, plastic-tented adult fan of Jerry’s.

BUCK NAKED George’s name for himself if he ever became a porn star.

CAN’T-STAND-YA Cruel high school moniker for George; from Costanza.

CUBAN CIGARS A gift to George from his girlfriend; passed on to Kramer, who accidentally burned down her dad’s cabin with one.

CRAZY JOE DAVOLA Psycho ex-beau of Elaine’s with vendettas against Kramer and Jerry.

DOCKERS Brand of Levi’s jeans; Jerry dumped a girlfriend for liking their annoying ads.

DOUBLE CRUNCH Fictional cereal Jerry consumes in mass quantities.

DOUBLE DIPPING Sticking a chip back in dip after taking a bite; social faux pas George committed at a funeral.

DRAKE’S COFFEE CAKE A preferred snack food of Jerry and his pals.

FARFEL Obnoxious dog left in Jerry’s care by a drunken airplane seatmate.

GATORADE Drink Kramer persuaded a friend to pour on their victorious softball coach, causing the coach to die of exposure and the friend to become a drug addict.

GLAMOUR Magazine George was ogling when his mom caught him masturbating.

GOLDA MEIR All-time ugliest world leader, according to Elaine.

HAND What one must maintain in a relationship; control; as in, ”You gotta have hand — you got no hand.”

HENNIGAN’S Brand of Scotch enjoyed by Jerry and his pals.

IT MOVED Reason for George’s homosexual panic, experienced while getting a massage from a man.

THE JACKET Beloved, babe-attracting article of clothing that Kramer broke into his mother’s ex-boyfriend’s apartment to retrieve.

JOHN CHEEVER Novelist who had affair with George’s girlfriend’s father.

JOHN F. KENNEDY JR. Hunk who frequented Elaine’s health club and later deflowered Jerry’s virgin girlfriend.

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