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By EW Staff
Updated April 09, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers


Great article on Bill Murray (#162, March 19). I think he makes any movie better with his special touch. I loved The Razor’s Edge. The story, the acting, the locations, and the music worked together to make a beautiful movie. I want to thank him for sticking with this movie even through all the flak that he received before, during, and after it.
Karen Eddy

I couldn’t believe my good fortune this month. Two Bill Murray movies to see. You can have Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner. Bill is the sexiest, funniest, smartest… well, you get my drift. I’ve seen every movie (of course), including my favorite, The Razor’s Edge. Love ya, Bill baby. Never change.
Ginger Hykys
Glenwood Springs, Colo.


Thanks for Ryan Murphy’s piece on Marisa Tomei. I was left frustrated, however, by Murphy’s reticence on whether he accepted Tomei’s (joking) invitation to ”go upstairs and take a nap” at their hotel rendezvous. I’d have jumped in a New York minute. Perhaps he’s being discreet.
Frank Marzullo


I just saw Fire in the Sky. Oh, man! Northern Exposure on the Big Screen even down to the town meeting. I kept waiting to see Dr. Fleischman and Maggie. What would have happened if Paramount had not hired Tracy Torme ”to refresh Travis Walton’s (the real-life person on whom the movie was based) memory” ? Torme’s version of Walton’s ”experience” was the only scene different from Cicely, Alaska. Where was the moose?
Sandra F. Beckard
Huntsville, Ala.


I was incredibly ticked off to read item 14 of Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet, ”Iditarod Race: I watch it just for the crashes.” Obviously, he knows nothing about The Last Great Race on Earth or the months of training, thousands of dollars, and dedication it takes to prepare and run the Iditarod. Before someone makes jokes about something, perhaps they should have some knowledge about that subject. I, for one, would love to see Mullen feeding and caring for a team of 20 dogs, putting booties on their feet, and caring for them before himself, all on very little sleep. Could he stand mushing 1,049 miles in -40 to -50 degree temperatures in blizzard conditions for 11-plus days? I think not. Happy trails, Mullen.
Tracy L. Cocquyt
Mishawaka, Ind.


For the first time in 162 issues I am moved to write in protest. Your brief review of Feed was shallow and imperceptive, really missing the point. Feed artfully intercuts television outtakes, news coverage, and campaign material to present a new, quirky slant on the political process. The public appearances of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gennifer Flowers, et al. were full of unexpected and revealing comedy. With its focus on the electronic press, Feed questions just how much the media really are the message. Plus, it is funnier than most current movie comedies. It deserved an A!
Ian J. Ewing
Chapel Hill, N.C.